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We generate creative designs and innovation in order to provide superior products for the consumers. Presently, we offer several proprietary packaging concepts for the dry foods industry. They include the following patents and applications:

Pat. No. 6,206,571
Pat. No. 6,857,779
Pat. No. 7,011,448
Pat. No. 7,025,504
Pat. App. 10/723,376

This website highlights just a few of the selected bag designs that are available for licensing. Please see the above patents and patent applications to view all of the possibilities. We also provide consulting to help further enhance development in the packaging trade.

Our business philosophy consists of a commitment to creating attractive packaging designs that make life simpler for the entire family, including the children. Our bags all include reclosable spouts that funnel the foods and prevent mess, which might help to make everyone's day a little better.

Our designs symbolize the transitional step for "creating a better way to package" by reducing the over-packaging of dry foods and lessening the waste stream.

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